United States Citizenship: The new N400 Application Form

USCIS has published a new edition of the N-400 form: Application for Naturalization

UPDATE April 2016

The revised version of the N-400 form was implemented by USCIS on April 13, 2016. Applicants can continue to use the 9/13/13 form edition until August 9th, 2016; after that date, however, any other earlier editions will be rejected and returned to the applicant.

The newest, revised edition is available here. Along with the instructions to the revised N-400 form

What has not changed:

  • The eligibility requirements (view) for becoming a United States Citizen
  • The civics test and interview


  • Effective 12/23/2016, the application fee will be $640 from $595. The biometric fee remains the same at $85.
  • The form has gone from 21 to 20 pages
  • The 2D barcode technology on each page has been removed
  • The application has become more streamlined--allowing for certain parts to be skipped if they do not apply to you
  • More language was added to the instruction form for the N-400 concerning the required evidence needed when submitting the form

USCIS revises form N-400, Application for Naturalization with major changes to the new form

Starting May 5th, 2014, those applying for United States Citizenship must begin using the revised N-400 form with the edition date of 9/13/13 (the edition date is found at the bottom left hand corner of the form).

What has not changed:

  • The eligibility requirements (view) for becoming a United States Citizen
  • The current filing fee for the application form ($680.00)
  • The civics test and interview process

Additional questions and clarifications have been added:

  • There are 13 new questions concerning your ties to any terrorist groups, military organizations or militias.  These questions are in Part 11 (Additional Information) and are questions 14-21 and 38-42 on the revised N-400 form.
  • There is a new question #53 in Part 11 (Additional Information)about giving up any foreign titles you may have
  • Information about eligibility requirements has been clarified in Part 1

Added sections:

  • A new part concerning information about your parents has been added, Part 5
  • A new statement has been added (Part 14) for applicants who use an interpreter, attesting to the language interpreted and requiring the interpreter’s signature and contact information.
  • Part 16:  Renunciation of Foreign Titles has been added.  This part is to be completed at the time of interview if you answered “yes” to question #4 and to the new question #53 in Part 11 (Additional Information)

Changes to the appearance of the N-400:

  • The form has gone from 10 to 21 pages
  • There is a now a new barcode on the form that is recording the information as entered, reducing possible errors

    see the New N-400 form here (opens in a new window)

    The USCIS is NOT requiring that the information be typed in (handwritten forms will still be accepted) however, it is suggesting that applicants fill out the form electronically, to improve the processing time and reduce the rejection rate


Because the USCIS officer will review and ask questions about your citizenship application during the interview, it is important to understand and be aware of these new questions so that they are answered correctly.  Remember the deadline to start using the revised N-400 application is May 5th, 2014.  If you are unsure about how to complete the form, many Adult Literacy programs that offer citizenship help can also assist you in filling out the form, as can immigration attorneys.