US Citizenship. The Test in Spanish

Ready to acquire your US citizenship and study for the naturalization test but are not completely comfortable with English yet? Study by taking the citizenship test in Spanish first!

Taking the quizzes with all the citizenship test questions and answers in Spanish will help you easily prepare for all 100 USCIS test questions and answers in English!

Try the quizzes by topic or altogether and even though the citizenship test is not done in multiple choice (you will have to know the answer), taking the citizenship test in Spanish as many times as needed, will help you learn the answers in English.

Still want to practice more? Listen to the audio in English of all the citizenship questions and answers or use the flashcards in Spanish too!

Don't forget to use the map to answer questions about your state Legislators.

No need to let the English language get in the way to gaining US Citizenship! Get ready to prepare and pass the test and become a US Citizen!*

For the four citizenship test questions specific to the state in which you live or the United States territory in which you live: Name your Representative, Name one of your state Senators, Name your Governor and What is the capital of your state, click the map here and select your state or territory.