Who Is My Representative

Not sure who your legislators are? Who your Representative in the House is, your two Senators are, or your state's Governor?

Who is my representative example image
In this example for the state of California, the legislators: a Representative of the House and Senators, the Governor and the state's capital are shown.

No need to search anywhere else--use the interactive map to find out! It's easy--just click on your state and all the information is there! What appears on the map answers the four USCIS questions on the naturalization exam:

  1. Name your Representative
  2. Name one of your state Senators
  3. Name your Governor
  4. What is the capital of your state?

All 50 states along with the District of Columbia are represented and the map is updated post-elections, so that the information on the legislators from your state is up to date. Use this map as an easy and quick go to resource to help you study for those four particular citizenship test questions.