Citizenship Writing Practice

Prepare and pass the written part of the US Citizenship test.

This citizenship writing exercise is designed to help you prepare and pass the written part of the US Citizenship test. The vocabulary that is used comes from the 2011 USCIS vocabulary list for the writing part of the Naturalization Exam. Although we do not know the exact sentence that you will be given during the interview, every effort was made to use all the vocabulary to create meaningful sentences.

The USCIS writing vocabulary for the Naturalization test is divided into people, civics, places, months, holidays, verbs and other words consisting of a total of 75 words. All of these words are used in this writing practice. A sample of those words are: Washington and Lincoln (people), Father of Our Country and President (civics), Washington D.C. and United States (places), November and July (months), Independence Day and Thanksgiving (holidays) is/was and lives (verbs), and fifty and first (other). For the citizenship writing practice, the meaningful sentences used were along the lines of: Washington is the Father of Our Country or The President lives in Washington D.C.   Simple sentences designed from the USCIS word bank.