The Citizenship Test Flashcards

To further help you learn the citizenship test questions and answers use the flashcards. Each flashcard has one of the official 100 USCIS Naturalization exam question that can be asked and on the reverse the correct answer(s). If video is your preference we have put together a short video containing all the 100 Official USCIS Civics Questions for the Naturalization Test, with AUDIO.
Check it out below.
To view the video with both English and Spanish Audio, click here.

* For the four citizenship test questions specific to the state in which you live or United States territory in which you live: Name your Representative, Name one of your state Senators, Name your Governor and the capital of your state, click the map here and select your state.

Using flash cards is one way to study and memorize the citizenship test question and answer.  Rather than use hand held flash cards, the interactive ones allow you to study, flip, shuffle and discard the question at the press of a button as you learn… but more importantly you can start over form the beginning as many times as needed!  It’s a very simple way of studying and learning all the questions for the naturalization exam.